Developer of beautiful games.


We are Smarto Club, a novice but determined team of three young developers from Santiago, Chile. We are currently working on our first game: Teacup, a cozy and wholesome narrative driven adventure about a frog in the forest searching for herbs for her tea party. You can read more about it in our press kit.

Our games aim to provide friendly gameplay and beautiful looking art to anyone who wishes to lose themselves in digital world.


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Francesca has a bachelor in Arts and Humanities, and is a illustrator and animator. Active participant in the game development club of her former university. Currently working as a freelance illustrator and as a character designer for an animated film in pre-production. Likes discovering new music and watching animated movies. Regularly shares her art on Instagram.

Alonso is an engineering design and computer science student. Selected as a recipient for the IGDA Scholars program in 2020. Lead staff member of his university’s game development club, where he has organized multiple activities such as workshops and game jams. Enjoys developing small and sweet web games. Check out his personal portofolio at his website.

Dani is a bachelor in Visual Arts. Her graduation project was an 8-bit exploration game. Currently working as a freelance illustrator and videogame artist. Participant of a game development club and of the local illustration scene. Enjoys learning languages and bizarre creepy stuff, but is willing to stick to wholesome for the sake of our games. Regularly shares her art on Instagram.

Besides the main development team, we’re working with multiple contractors to bring the world of Teacup to life! All of the game’s music is being handled by Juan Ignacio Ferrari, while Mauricio Lopez is creating sounds and ambient tracks. Matias Gabler is helping with additional programming.

Let’s chat!

If you want to talk to us about our projects or anything else, don’t be afraid to reach out! You can reach us at hello@smarto.club.