Teacup Press Kit

Developer: Smarto Club. Based in Santiago, Chile.

Publisher: Whitethorn Games

Release Date: September 23rd 2021

Nintendo Switch eShop



Teacup is a narrative adventure game with a focus on exploration and non-linear progression available now on Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Android and iOS.

You play as the titular Teacup, a shy and introverted young frog who loves drinking tea and reading. The day before she is to host a tea party at her house, she realizes she is completely out of tea, and thus must venture into the woods around her to find the herbs she needs to restock her pantry.

  • Explore a beautifully illustrated world. You are free to tackle the list of ingredients Teacup must gather in any order you wish. Find your own path through the world of Little Pond.
  • Talk with whimsical animals. During your adventure you will meet the charming inhabitants of the forest. Some are talkative, some are grumpy, but all of them will lend you an ear on your adventure.
  • Help each other out. Most of the animals you meet will be glad to help Teacup… in exchange for a small favor or some help. Organize a (oddly shaped) market stall, win an underwater race and more!


Download all screenshots as a .zip (10.3 mb)



Download logos and alternative colors as a .zip (1.39mb)

Key Art

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About Smarto Club

Smarto Club is a novice but determined team of three young developers from Santiago, Chile. Teacup is our first project as a team, and we wanted to create a wholesome game inspired by narrative adventures such as Night in the Woods and Mutazione and the sense of exploration found in games like A Short Hike.

We were afraid Teacup wasn’t going to happen after the Game Developer Conference 2020 was cancelled. Thankfully, despite the cancellation we met Whitethorn Games online and were able to pitch the game to them. We’re happy to have created a cozy and charming experience that has been enjoyed by all kinds of players.